Something special happens when we gather around the dining table.

Host a Freedom Dinner to make an impact in the Syrian Refugee Response.

By sharing this meal with people you love, you and your guests can collectively donate to help keep families together and bring greater freedom to refugees in need.

Freedom to dream. Freedom to hope. Freedom to simply live.

We are passionate about finding long term solutions to ending global poverty. We believe with education and dignified employment, we can empower people with a hand-up. Our purpose is to give villagers, refugees, and marginalized individuals the opportunities to gain self-sufficiency.

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Want to host a Freedom Dinner?

Step 1: Sign up to be a host

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+ Grab a Party Kit to take the work out of decorating!

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Step 2: Pick a menu + a location (it can be your home!)

Step 3: Invite your guests

Step 4: During your Freedom Dinner

Share about the cause and why this is important to you. Encourage them to make a donation on a pledge card to bring hope and freedom to refugees in need.

Step 5: Take a moment...

Celebrate and have a toast to the collective impact you have just made!

Step 6: Send in pledge cards + donations to...

Elisha C. LLC
1976 S. La Cienega Blvd. #C-269
Los Angeles CA 90034