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University Scholarship Fund

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Product Description

What is it?

The University Scholarship Fund is dedicated to helping the Haitian people continue their higher education through funding educational expenses, such as tuition, books, examination, and electronic needs. The secondary education in Haiti ends at 13th grade, similar to the high school system in the United States. The post-secondary or higher education is provided by the universities and other public and private institutions. There are currently 13 major universities and other vocational trainings in the large cities of Haiti. This scholarship fund is provided through an application process where we will take into consideration their family situation, family income, personal statement, and academic history.

Why is it important?

“Access to quality education remains key to Haiti’s social and economic development. The current state of education in Haiti, however, is not sufficient for the task. Surveys conducted by the UNDP indicate that Haitians who are 25 years and older received on average only 4.9 years of education and only 29 percent attended secondary school. These statistics show that a generation of Haitian youth is at risk for not having the necessary knowledge and basic skills to succeed in the labor force and contribute to the continued development of the country.” (USAID)

One of the main causes of Haiti’s economic despair is the lack of skilled workers among their own people. Higher (University) education is excessively expensive for the majority of Haitians who live off of less than US$2 a day. Yet in order for the impoverished nation to achieve self-sustainability rather than a heavy reliance on foreign aid, they must raise up a skilled labor force of its own. They must raise up the youth to become future leaders of Haiti, including doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, and engineers. Many young people have dreams of who they want to come but no possibilities of achieving the higher education they need to get there. As a result, the youth of the poor remains in the vicious cycle of ongoing poverty.

You can invest in a young person’s life by sending them to a university and giving them a chance of a lifetime. You will change the course of someone’s life and break the cycle of poverty for them and their whole family! You can help reshape a brighter future and advance Haiti one life at a time.

Project Cost: $500-1000 for one student per year

What does it include?

Tuition, Books, Government Examination Costs, Electronic Needs