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Sponsor A Tutor – Kempes

Meet Kempes Saint-Surin, our new tutor that we have hired AND a university student from our Scholarship Program, studying English Education. His dream is to teach English across Haiti.


He is a very responsible young man. He has many talents, including basketball, playing drums, and singing! He also works very well with kids. When we decided to add on a second tutor for the children in our Scholarship Program, he was a perfect choice.

For only $25 a month, you will sponsor Kempes’ salary + teaching supplies, provide a stable job, empower a young leader, and advance the underprivileged kids of Haiti.


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Product Description

For 2-3 times a week, Kempes will provide:

  • After-school homework assistance to our students w/ unstable family situations
  • Private classes to teach older kids (behind in school) basic math, reading & writing skills



Most of our students in our Scholarship Program has very unstable family situations. Their parents are uneducated and they are living in extreme poverty – all reasons to keep the children in the cycle of poverty. Elisha C. is about breaking that cycle by giving them opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise, to advance beyond what their circumstances may allow. But we started seeing some of our very intelligent children not passing their classes. We soon discovered it was because they did not receive the help they needed after-school. Their parents cannot help them with homework. And at home, they are expected to take care of their younger siblings and help their parents with housework/agriculture/farm animals. A tutor will provide weekly checkups on these students and provide one-on-one homework assistance.

We also have students who didn’t have the opportunity to receive basic education until late into their lives. They are extremely behind in school. Yet we want to equip them with basic math, reading and writing skills for their future in adulthood. Unfortunately, the school system in Haiti is not equipped to help older students catch up. A tutor will give private classes to teach basic education to even those who are rejected by the local schools.