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Healthy Pregnancy Initiative

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Product Description

What is it?

When you travel to Haiti, you will see the effect of malnutrition everywhere. Whether it is in small children with distended bellies or developmental issues that linger far into adulthood. It is vital for these new mothers to understand the ramifications of an unhealthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, in a lot of rural villages, there isn’t a lot of medical care due to the lack of resources. The Healthy Pregnancy Initiative will provide free care for the duration of their pregnancy. We will have nurses that provide clinic visits once a week and expectant mothers will be able to come in. Not only will their health be monitored, but they will also be receiving nutrition through protein bars and prenatal vitamins. They will also be given clean water each week. Besides their weekly clinic visits, the nurses will also be offering classes monthly which will cover topics from breastfeeding to breathing techniques during labor. This initiative is looking at the pregnancy, birth, and children all encompassing.


Why is it important?

This will truly create a ripple effect. Mothers will have healthier pregnancy and less complications during the birth, which means an increase in healthier live births. We are also stimulating the economy by creating jobs for the nurses and other individuals involved in this program. And most importantly, this initiative will affect the babies. These babies will have a healthy start to life. Their bodies and brains will be able to develop properly from the womb and on. We will be creating healthier babies and healthier children; that will lend to having healthier, stronger, and more adults who in the future will be able to turn a weak society into a thriving community.


Project Cost: $250


What does it include?

Weekly check-ups, Prenatal Vitamins, Nutrition (ex: Protein Bars), Clean Water, Monthly Health Education, Birth Supplies, Salaries for 2 local midwives


  • “An estimated 1 in 285 births will result in a woman’s death, a ratio about 16 times higher than in the United States.” (Partners in Health 2014)
  • Persons per physician: 4,000 (385 in US)
  • Infant mortality per 1000 live births: 59 (7.5 in US) (Haiti Health Ministries)