New year + New opportunity

Have you heard the news?

The start of this new year brought with it an exciting new opportunity for me!

This February, I’ve been given the tremendous honor of becoming the new Executive Director of Fair Trade LA. I was truly humbled and blessed by this huge platform to bring social justice to developing communities around the world through the sustainable economic solution of fair trade.

I still remember when I was a student at UCLA, I came back from my seventh trip to Fond Doux, Haiti with the revelation that the key to ending poverty was job creation. And I embarked on a journey to bring economic stability to the country of Haiti, knowing that one day I will be able to take what I learn here to help other countries in need.

… which has now led me to such a great open door only 4 years later.

I joined Fair Trade LA at the start of Elisha C. and saw the tremendous potential in this organization who is advancing a global model of economic empowerment and sustainable livelihood in developing communities. (To learn more about fair trade, you can visit Fair Trade America and Fair Trade Certified.) Over a year ago, I was asked to join the board of directors (already a humbling experience). Little did I know, a year later, I would be selected as the new director.

I’m amazed at God’s timing and His faithfulness. He will show you the path of life filled with goodness and joy. (Ps 16:11)

Let the adventure begin and let more lives be changed!



P.S. And don’t worry, our work at Elisha C. will not stop! Our team is growing and our impact is unstoppable!

. . .

Message from Fair Trade LA:
After thirteen remarkable years, Joan Harper, one of the original founders of Fair Trade LA (FTLA), is stepping down as its Executive Director. In 2005 Joan and four others created this organization in hopes of raising awareness about trade inequality in developing countries. Over these years Joan has provided extraordinary leadership and commitment to the Fair Trade movement in Los Angeles. Her unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have resulted in the formation of the highly respected and influential FTLA organization we have today. We are grateful to Joan for the wonderful gift she has left all of us.
We are excited to announce that Elisha Chan has been selected as the new Executive Director for Fair Trade LA. Elisha has served on the Board of Directors for FTLA and is the founder and CEO of a mission based social enterprise in Los Angeles that creates job opportunities in Haiti. Elisha is dedicated to the principles of Fair Trade and is excited to deepen and broaden the Fair Trade movement in Los Angeles and beyond.
Please join me in expressing our deep appreciation to Joan for her amazing contributions to FTLA and our congratulations to Elisha as she embarks on this important leadership role.
– Phil Churnside, Board Chair of Fair Trade LA