Truly the sweetest: Dickenson

I still remember the Haiti trip when we first met Dickenson many years ago.

We had never seen him before. But, like many other children, once they hear about us, they will walk any distance just to spend time with us. There was something clearly wrong with his watery eyes and the other kids constantly teased him. Yet, our team embraced him all the more.

One evening, he came with us to an outdoor church service. It may have been the first time he had ever gone to church. He sat down next to me and listened so intently. At the end, when Pastor Winston asked if anyone would like to become a Christian, he lifted both his hands up so high while looking at me with a huge smile. He was so proud of his decision. He walked out that evening a different child than he was before. The change was instant. He was no longer downcast but his countenance reflected joy, hope, and love. We invited him to attend his first Christmas party we’ve put together, showering him with his first Christmas presents. Every night, he would stay pass his bedtime just to hang out with us a little bit longer.

He was a polite, gentle, and caring young boy. Always giving away his food and looking out for the younger ones, even when he was sick. He was truly the sweetest.

Less than a year ago, he was diagnosed with AIDS. The local doctors gave him medicine, but with the lack of medical care, no food to eat and poor living conditions (a hut with holes through the roof), he quickly grew worst. Last summer, he was skin and bones. He did not look good. Shortly after our team arrived, we admitted him to the local hospital and took care of all his medical expenses. We spent hours with him, pouring out love and encouragement. We made sure he had toys and food, though his frail body barely had the strength to play or eat.

The evening before our team left Haiti, he was sent back home to our village, Fond Doux. He requested for our team to come to his house to pray for him. So we hiked up a steep hill to his house, sang and prayed with him as he lay there in bed. I am so grateful for that last goodbye.

That night, the rain came down hard.

His bed must have been soaked.

Oh, how many other homes, mattresses, clothes, and children were soaked that night.

I can’t even think about it.

This is Haiti.

It is so difficult to face or comprehend the harsh realities they live in daily.

On the morning of October 27th, 2017, a month away from turning 15 years old, he went home to Heaven. No more suffering. No more pain. He has made it to the other side.

I can still hear his sweet voice calling out my name, even when he was too weak to move. How much more should we rise up and make life better for others even in our distress.

Your sweetness has forever touched my heart.

I love you.

Until we meet again.,



How to donate to Dickenson’s family:

Join us in supporting Dickenson’s family during this difficult time. You can help with his funeral expenses of $550 by donating here. (On the checkout page, please write “Dickenson” in the notes section found on the bottom to make sure it goes towards his family.)