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Join us as we discover and explore the ways we can empower individuals through sustainable programs and job creation.


We unlock the dreams, visions, and potential of individuals who lack the resources to attain their goals.


We equip individuals with the tools and resources to practically fund their educational and career pursuits.


We shine a light on the hope that is available for individuals to thrive and succeed in their communities.

Impact Lives

Beyond Our Location

You can definitely impact a life and build a friendship with someone beyond your home and community.

Positive Dialogue

We want to change the dialogue of poverty into a positive optimism; together, as a community, we can alleviate poverty one life at a time.

Genuine Investments

We believe that when you invest in a life, you are making a powerful statement that says,”I genuinely believe in you and your ability to succeed!” which speaks volume.

One Click Donations

Giving has never been so simple. Choose what project(s) you want to support and customize your giving.

Personal Updates

When you invest, you’ll receive personal updates via photos, letters, or drawings from the people whose lives you’ve impacted. Pen-pals, anyone?

Awesome Community

Become a part of an exciting, fun, and encouraging global community of people who love to be catalysts of positive change in someone else’s life!

Greater Than You Can Imagine

We are a globally minded foundation that is interested in the details of an individual’s life. When you pour into individuals who are passionate, persevering, and driven, you reap the benefits of witnessing growth and change that goes beyond what you could have imagined. We have seen the catalytic results a fresh start for a single person can do for an entire community. Our goals are not yet met, but we are making progress to fund the projects in order to bring extraordinary people to a place of hope.

124 Projects Funded
26332 Raised for Scholarships
716 Raised for Medical Needs
4030 Raised for Micro-Enterprises

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples

– Mother Teresa

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